Carol is an amazing practitioner!

Carol is an amazing practitioner! I was referred to her by a friend and I had my first appointment with her a few weeks ago. She was patient and thorough with my intake and she made sure I was comfortable the whole time. She has a relaxed attitude but also showed confidence and years of experience with the way she

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Carol is great!

“Carol is great! She has a warm personality that puts you right at ease, especially for a newbie to acupuncture, like me!” – R. Scherek

Physical, mental and spiritual health

“I learned about Carol Francois through a co-worker. When I had my first appointment with her, saw her smile and felt her kindness, I realized that she would be the right person to treat me and guide me in the path of good physical, mental and spiritual health, as all of these elements are connected in one.” – C. Torres

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Carol Francois is a true healer

“Carol Francois is a true healer in every way. I feel better just being in the same room with her. Thanks to her amazing regular care, I stay well in spite of a terrifically stressful lifestyle. She can make virtually any complaint disappear, but more importantly, her treatment is an investment in a lifetime of good health and a sense

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